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Power Flushing In Bournemouth

Over a decade of helping Bournemouth with our central heating knowledge.

Harbour Heating is a well-established company with a proven track record of catering to all our customer's power flushing needs in Bournemouth. Our expert engineers carry out all work with our customers' needs in mind, from protecting all carpets and furnishings to keeping you fully up to date while we carry out your power flushing service.

We all know how expensive replacing your heating system can be, so it’s vital we give it the correct care and attention. Power flushing carries out a deep clean of your boiler, pipes, and radiators, removing all debris and sludge that naturally builds up over time, making your heating system run more efficiently, saving you money on your heating bills.

At Harbour Heating we have a team of engineers whose expertise lies in power flushing. They are able to carry out this service on heating systems of all shapes and sizes. We take pride in our work and promise to deliver nothing less than exceptionally high standards on every job we complete. Book your power flushing service today, so you can start reaping the benefits straightaway.

For more information, fill in our online contact form or to speak to our power flush experts today, you can call us on 01202 622925 or email a member of our team: [email protected].


Benefits Of Power Flushing

Having your heating system power flushed comes with some fantastic benefits including:

Quicker heating times: After your system has been power flushed, water moves more efficiently through your entire system, which greatly improves the time it takes for your radiators to heat up.

Longevity of system: When your heating system receives the correct maintenance you boost its overall lifespan, which makes it a future savvy investment.

Reduced risk of breakdowns: When dirt and debris build up in your boiler, pipes, and radiators you run the risk of blockages which can cause major breakdowns, power flushing removes this risk and makes your system more reliable.

Lower energy bills: Power flushing makes your entire heating system run more efficiently, meaning less fuel is used to heat your home, which saves money on your utility bills.

For more information on how power flushing could help your heating system, contact a member of our friendly customer care team in Bournemouth today.


Powerflushing in Poole and Bournemouth
Poole & Bournemouth's heating specialists

Why Choose Harbour Heating?

At Harbour Heating we offer a dynamic range of plumbing and heating services to all our customers in Bournemouth. We have a fantastic reputation as the number 1 company from minor leaks and burst pipes to new boiler installations and power flushing. Our expert engineers bring their knowledge, support, and valuable experience to every job they take on.

There are many reasons we are so trusted within the local community to handle all any plumbing and heating issues that may arise including:

Cost-effective pricing.
In-depth detailed quotes.
Proven track record (Click here to see our 5-star customer reviews).
Safety-focused (Click here to verify our Gas Safe Register membership).
Well established.
Rated number 1 in the local community.
Fully qualified and insured.
Highly experienced.

We get lots of work through referrals and repeat business. We think this speaks volumes to the deep relationships we build with all our customers. Harbour Heating was built with 3 core values at its centre: honesty, transparency, and exceptional customer service and this is something we are committed to and we bring these values to every job we take on.


Frequently Asked Questions (Power Flushing FAQ’s)

Q: What are the signs my system needs cleaning? A: There are a few signs to look out for including:

Cold spots on radiators that don’t go away.
It’s taking longer than usual to heat your home.
Dirt and debris in water when you’re bleeding your radiators.
Boiler making sounds you have not heard before.

If you’re unsure, contact us today, our expert engineers can visit your home and carry out an assessment to determine if your system would benefit from our power flushing service.

Q: How much does it cost? A: This isn’t something we can answer accurately as all homes and their heating systems are unique. We do, however, offer free no-obligation quotes.

Q: What is power flushing? A: A ‘power flush’ is a cleaning service that uses chemicals and hot water to remove dirt and debris that builds up in your central heating system over time.

Q: Will I notice a difference after my heating system has been flushed? A: Yes, your home will heat up more efficiently and your boiler will burn less fuel when heating your home, which equals savings on your utility bills.

Q: Can power flushing damage my heating system? A: No, we have carried out this service many times over the years, and we have not caused any
damage. Power flushing doesn’t increase the pressure in your heating system. It increases the flow rate. This is why it’s so effective at removing all dirt and debris.

Q: How long does it take? A: This is similar to the price question as no 2 heating systems are the same, but when our experts give you your quote they can also give you an accurate timeframe in which to complete the work.

If you’re still unsure, contact our power flush experts today. They will be able to offer their knowledge and support.


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