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Power Flushing In Dorset

Over a decade of helping Dorset with our central heating knowledge.

If you’re looking for a quality power flushing service in Dorset carried out by a specialist company, you have come to the right place. At Harbour Heating we use the latest technologies to perform an efficient and thorough cleaning of your boiler, pipes, and radiators.

Power flushing works by moving a combination of specialist chemicals and hot water through your system at high speeds to forcibly and effectively discharge dirt and debris from your heating system. There are a few tell-tale signs that your system is backed up and in need of a deep clean, including:

Black or dirty water when bleeding radiators.
Boiler cutting out, banging, or making unnatural noises.
Cold spots on radiators or not coming on at all.
Hot water fluctuating between hot and cold temperatures.

If you’re experiencing any of these problems, give us a call today, and we can arrange for one of our expert heating engineers to visit your home and carry out a full assessment of your heating system offering you a FREE no-obligation quote and the best plan of action to resolve your issues. Our friendly engineers have many years of experience carrying out power flushing and will have your heating system firing on all cylinders again before you know it.

For more information, fill in our online contact form or to speak to our power flush experts today, you can call us on 01202 622925 or email a member of our team: [email protected].


When Booking Our Power Flush Service

When you contact us to arrange our expert power flushing service there are a few questions that we will ask you. If you have the answers to these at hand. It makes the booking experience run seamlessly.

Q1: What type of boiler do you have? Do you have a combi boiler or a conventional boiler, if you’re unsure? Our friendly customer care team can help you determine this.
Q2: How many radiators do you have in your home? By determining this, it helps us get an idea of the size of your heating system, which helps us generate an accurate quote.
Q3: What type of property do you live in? We need to know how many floors you have in your home and if you have access to an outside drain.

If you need help answering any of these questions, our customer service team are trained to help. We will work with you and generate a highly competitive quote to carry out a bespoke power flushing service for your entire heating system.

5 Benefits Of Power Flushing

Lower heating bills due to improved energy efficiency and quicker heat-up times.
Radiator cold spots are cured, so the full surface area of your radiators is used to heat your room.
Increased lifespan of your boiler.
Removes all dirt, debris, and sludge from your system extending the lifespan of your central heating system.
Cures unwanted boiler noises like banging and knocking.

Our heating engineer will also add a chemical that helps protect your entire heating system. It prevents future build-ups, corrosion, and build-up of sludge.

For more information on how power flushing could help your heating system, contact a member of our friendly customer care team in Dorset today.


Powerflushing in Poole and Bournemouth
Poole & Bournemouth's heating specialists

Why Choose Harbour Heating For Power Flushing?

High-quality equipment + knowledge + experience = top-notch results

At Harbour Heating we are a well-established company with plenty of expert experience. We have been supplying all our customers in Dorset with comprehensive plumbing and heating services for many years. We have a huge number of past customers who are ecstatic with the quality of our work and the service they received.
We aren’t just a power flushing company, we offer a wide range of plumbing and heating services and this gives us an advantage, as our gas engineers understand the inner workings of your heating system, so they are able to diagnose any other potential faults while carrying out your power flush.

At Harbour Heating we put our customers safety before anything else. We are proud members of the Gas Safe register (our credentials can be verified here). This helps give our customers peace of mind, knowing we are fully qualified professionals who can install, maintain, and repair gas appliances within your home. If you would like to see what customers who have used us previously have said, click here to review our many 5-star ratings.


Frequently Asked Questions (Power Flushing FAQ’s)

Q: Do I need a power flush? A: If your system has never had one before, it’s likely your heating system would benefit from one, but if you’re unsure, we can tell by carrying out a very simple water test.

Q: Does power flushing make a difference? A: Yes, 100% it does, by removing all dirt and sludge from your system. It helps it run more efficiently, protecting it against major breakdowns and costly repair bills.

Q: Will it improve the functionality of my heating system? A: Most definitely, but how much it will improve efficiency will depend on the amount of debris
found in your system.

Q: How long does it take? A: This depends on a few different factors such as size of your system and how big the build up of sludge is. A general guide is half a day for a small system and a full day for larger ones.

If you’re still unsure, contact our power flush experts today. They will be able to offer their knowledge and support.

Enquire About Power Flushing In Dorset

If you would like to get a FREE no-obligation quote for our power flushing service in Dorset, or for information about our other services, contact us today. Our professional team are happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with the best solution for your needs.

Simply fill in our contact form below, or call us on 01202 622925.


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